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RC models

You will enjoy RC models such as RC cars, boats or RC helicopters on remote control and you will have fun! You can choose from a wide range of types and kinds of RC models not only for racers and professionals but also for beginners. Have fun with our RC models on remote control.

RC cars

All RC cars have excellent driving characteristics and good maneuverability. Range of products goes from complete RC cars to all the necessary accessories that ensure you to have a unique experience with RC cars.

RC helicopters and RC planes

Want to enjoy the fun of flying? Profimodel has everything you need. We offer models of RC helicopters , RC planes and versatile models suitable for beginners.


We offer also car models on remote control by Serpent. The brand Serpent is one of the leading producers of racing cars on remote control. All products have been subjected to intensive quality testing by real professionals. We hope that you appreciate the guarantee of quality of the Serpent models . Do you want to win? Go for Serpent!


OPEN Challenge races
Company PROFIMODEL.cz holds Series of free racing RC cars for the general public . All necessary information and reports of the races you can read by clicking on the link .

** OPEN ** Challenge

20.10.  Report from the first race Open Challenge Prague , which took place this weekend in Prague soon.
20.10.  The site MyRCM.ch are complete results from the weekend.

04.08 Announce that due to expansion of services changing the opening hours Our physical stores that for you will from today open from 09:00 . We believe that this change will help to improve services for you.

05.04 Please note all our customers at our shop that leads to changes in prices postage: Czech post - Czech Republic - Payment bank transfer 99, - CZK , Czech Post - Czech Republic - COD 110, - CZK . When purchasing goods over 3000, - CZK postage

Benefits Profimodel
  1. advice you
  2. experience and professionalism
  3. Free Run the engine and adjust
  4. Service at the races
  5. We have a team of experienced riders - We know what we sell
  6. Currently in stock
  7. Exclusive representation

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iLOOK + camera | Profimodel
Company Walker introduces FPV camera iLook, which is intended for video transmission in real time....
iLOOK + camera
Price: 4 890,-
in stock
Price without VAT:4 041,- CZK
price4 890,- CZK
Body fixing block | Profimodel
Body fixing block
Price: 140,-
in stock
Price without VAT:116,- CZK
price140,- CZK
SWORKz M3x16mm Hex Soket OH/TP Screw | Profimodel
SWORKz M3x16mm Hex Soket OH/TP Screw
Price: 70,-
7-14 days
Price without VAT:58,- CZK
price70,- CZK
Wingsland S6 RTF | Profimodel
Wingsland S6 RTF
Price: 9 490,-
7-14 days
Price without VAT:7 843,- CZK
price9 490,- CZK
Discount5,01 %
F/R dogbone | Profimodel
F/R dogbone
Price: 341,-
in stock
Price without VAT:282,- CZK
price341,- CZK
SWORKz Shock Boot (L) | Profimodel
SWORKz Shock Boot (L)
Price: 122,-
in stock
Price without VAT:101,- CZK
price122,- CZK
Discount20,43 %
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